HuiZhou Star China Motor Co., Ltd., established on January 22, 2013, is formerly known as "Huizhou Xinghua Industry Co., Ltd." Due to development needs, HuiZhou Star China Motor Co., Ltd. was established after asset restructuring in early 2013. The company mainly produces micro motors.. more +

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Address:No. 38, West of Petrochemical Avenue, Daya Bay, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province 


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Automotive electronics field


Automotive electronics field

While the popularity of family cars in various regions continues to grow, the industry is also predicting that the number of car production units in the world will continue to grow in the future. At the same time, with the car's electrification, the number of small motors used in cars will continue to increase.The company supplies high-performance small motors that are assembled in a wide range of automotive electrical equipment, control and drive, contributing to safety and comfort in driving safety.